Mobilize resources to expand, promote, and improve the Bear Creek Greenway.


The corridor of publicly-owned land adjacent to the Bear Creek Greenway provides a buffer between development and the creek and attracts a variety of wildlife including beaver, otter, raccoons and turtle.

Bear Creek’s headwaters are near Emigrant Lake and it travels 36 miles to its mouth at the Rogue River near the Table Rocks. The Greenway crosses several tributary creeks including Anderson, Coleman, Larson, Lazy, Elk, Mingus and Griffin Creeks. Salmon can be seen in Bear Creek during spawning (especially fall Chinook), and Steelhead are in the creek year-round.

Past Present and Future

The first section of trail was paved in Medford in the 1970’s, and sections have been built as properties and funding have been secured.
Long term goals are to extend the Greenway south to North Mountain Park, and eventually to Emigrant Lake. You may notice the mile markers begin at 8.0 – that is to allow for the extension.

Plans are also in the works to extend the Bear Creek Greenway north to connect with the Rogue River Greenway, which when complete will link the communities of Gold Hill, Rogue River and Grants Pass.